Back through Conwy and over the estuary bridge to the roundabout, following the signs for Llandudno.  Renown by the Victorians as the Queen of the Welsh resorts, Llandudno's pleasant micro climate is still a favourite of today's holiday makers.  

The long pleasure pier is home to a host of delights for adults and children from Punch and Judy to roundabouts with the little town train always ready to show off the splendour of the town.  Mad Hatter on Llandudno promFamous for it's association with the classic tale of 'Alice in Wonderland', it is believed that C S Lewis took inspiration from the holiday escapades of his friends' child, Alice Liddell on her annual visits to the resort.  See how many of the Alice's accomplices you can spot as you ride on the train, or follow the Alice town trail, (maps are available at the tourist information centre.) 

catching the tram for the |Great OrmeFor those who wish to take advantage of the views from the Great Orme without having to climb the mountain, a short stroll up Church Walks brings you to the tram station and an exhilarating if somewhat breezy trip to the Summit in the open cars. The glorious sunshine and warm spring breezes encourage the return of the delicate flora and fauna.  Keep a sharp look-out for the mountain goats on the way as they leap between the rock faces.

Goats on the Great Orme

Getting off the train at the half-way station and a short walk takes you to the Great Orme copper mines.  Over 3,500 year old this is well worth a visit as if only to appreciate the ingenuity and determination of Bronze Age man in his search for copper.

For the real thrill seeker, why not ride back on the cable car – the views are spectacular.  Not to everyone's taste but certainly a trip that will not be forgotten.


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