Beaumaris is yet another pretty little North Wales town that is a complete 'must visit' on your holiday this year.  Home to some stylish architecture,Victorian Pier, Snowdon, Beaumaris the township is a comfortable amalgamation of old and new.  The parish church of St Mary, and the town jail, (now a museum,) are both worth a visit.  Its' decorative Victorian pier was once the landing stage for Liverpool and North Wales shipping and is still in use today for boat trips to see natures wonders.

Originally a strategic Viking settlement with its' commanding views of the tidal waters of the Menai Strait and thus control of the shipping on it, Beaumaris has always been a town of prominence.  Appreciating the importance of the site, Edward 1st commissioned a formidable castle to be built in 1295, as another reminder to the Welsh that they were now under English rule.  No Welsh born resident was allowed to hold civil office, bear arms or hold meetings and were even disqualified from building property or holding land within the borough.

The castle, built on marshland to command the waters of the Menai Straits, was intended to be a pivotal link in Edwards’ iron fist of fortifications but due to lack of funds was never completed.  Given the name Beaux Mairis (beautiful marsh) by the French builders for its’ splendid views across the water towards Snowdonia it was a defiant warning to the Welsh invaders of yore.  It still stands proud; truly a testament to the craftsmanship of the French stonemasons. .

Puffin trips from Beaumaris  Whilst in Beaumaris why not take a boat trip to see the fascinating little Puffins catch their sand eels for lunch: follow the signs down to the  quayside.  Don't forget your binoculars to spot the seals and cormorants too.

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