Once again Wales leads the way in environment issues

Remember when Wales led the rest of the UK by charging for single use plastics?  Well here they go again and we applaud their ingenuity.  

Twenty Fifty (2050) at 403 Abegele Road, Old Colwyn, is new slant on shopping.  A zero waste shop that sells groceries, food and household products WITHOUT the plastic.  Bring your own bags to carry your purchases home and get the satisfaction of knowing your doing your bit!

In Llandudno, Ingrid's Zero Waste Shop has gone that little bit further and encourages you to bring your bottles to buy shampoos, conditioners, detergents for clothes, pots and cleansers for your homes.  It's got to be worth a look.  We have got to start somewhere, haven't we?

The gift shop at Anglesey Sea Zoo are also making a concerted effort to eliminate as much waste as they can by working with environmentally friendly suppliers.  Well done folks.  We all need to consider our options.

Let's all do our bit to keep plastic waste out of our soil, out of our oceans, and out of creatures in the sea and on land.  It's never too late - we owe it to our children.

Friday 27th of September 2019

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